Signs That Now Is a Good Time to Sell a California Luxury Home

by Joe N. Pollifrone 12/09/2019

If you own a luxury home in Beverly Hills, Malibu or elsewhere in California, now may prove to be the perfect time to list your residence. In fact, there are many signs that now may be the right time to add your Golden State luxury house to the real estate market. These include:

1. You want to move into a smaller residence.

Sometimes, a California luxury home may become too big for a property owner. In this scenario, it may be beneficial to list this residence and move into a smaller house.

The California luxury housing market offers many opportunities for sellers across the state. Thus, if you need to sell a luxury house in San Francisco, Sacramento or anywhere else in California, you should have no trouble stirring up interest in your home. And as a result, you can sell your current luxury residence and relocate to a smaller home.

2. You are looking to move to a different part of the state.

If you're looking to relocate from Los Angeles to San Diego, Santa Monica to San Jose or simply point A to point B, there may be no time like the present to complete your move. And if you list your California luxury house, you can kick off the moving cycle.

As you get ready to move to a different part of California, it helps to learn about the Golden State luxury housing market. For example, if you intend to sell a luxury home in LA, you may want to review the prices of similar properties in the city. This housing market data can help you set a competitive initial asking price for your residence, increasing the likelihood of a seamless property selling experience.

3. You want to move closer to loved ones.

If you currently are forced to commute a long distance to visit family members and friends in California, you may want to pursue a residence closer to these loved ones. Thankfully, you can list your Golden State luxury residence and find a new home that provides convenient access to family members and friends.

Of course, if you want to achieve the best-possible results during the California luxury home selling journey, you may want to hire a real estate agent. This housing market professional will go above and beyond the call of duty to ensure you can accomplish your desired California luxury home selling goals.

A real estate agent will learn about you and your California luxury home selling goals and help you plan accordingly. Therefore, if you want to sell your Bay Area luxury home as quickly as possible, a real estate agent will help you do just that. On the other hand, if your goal is to maximize your profits from the sale of your Anaheim luxury home, a real estate agent will do whatever it takes to help you get the best price for your house.

Collaborate with a real estate agent, and you can receive plenty of support as you navigate the California luxury house selling journey.

About the Author

Joe N. Pollifrone

For over 30 years, Joe Pollifrone has practiced real estate full-time as a licensed Real Estate Broker in California. Joe’s vast sales experience includes duplexes, tri-plexes, four-plexes, apartment buildings, land, condominiums, townhomes, fixer-uppers, estate properties, and bank-owned properties (REOs). He also is active in selling non-owner occupied properties and is well-versed in 1031 tax-deferred exchanges, property management, tenant/landlord issues, and local laws. During Joe’s career to date, he has sold in excess of $200,000,000 of real estate, including over $32,000,000 in REOs. 

Joe brought his deep experience to Sereno Group Willow Glen as a Broker Associate in 2012. He was the Sales Manager and lead a top-producing office. Joe would mentor new Sereno hires, making sure that they’re comfortable with the ethos of the office, plugged into Sereno’s network of contacts, and well-versed in the technology required of today’s real estate professionals. 

Joe prides himself on his proven ability to negotiate, extensive knowledge of contracts, and securing close of escrows in a timely manner. Both he and his clients credit his success to effective communication skills, honesty, and hard work. Joe is a native of San Jose and resides in Willow Glen with his wife of twenty-seven years, Kimi, his daughters Milan and Micaela and their two Goldendoodles, Tony-Luca and Marco.